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Rear Row - Wally Clare, Elvis Towns, Smudge Smith, Alf Eldon, Derek Hooker, Johnny Bellis,     Joe( Lofty) Nash, Evan Williams, Phil Carrington, Brian Lazenby, George Fryer, Johnny Slapp.

Middle row - Ken Schofield (see Roll of Honour) Pip Rowley (Roll of Honour), Percy Hoggins, Colin Hamilton, Mick Charman, Fred Kriener, Brian Mcdonald, Bob Leach, Dinger Bell, Dave Martin, Jim Kelly.

Front Row - Charlie Lang, Mick Cheeseman, Stuart Hughes, Dick Whitaker, A/T Cpl Pickering, A/T L/Cpl Norman Julian, Sgt Pittendreigh REME, A/T L/Cpl ?, A/T L/Cpl Blatchford, Losh Lockey, Steve Wilson, Frank Massey. One A/T L/Cpl’s name to fill in please.

"Junior" Coy

The Beginning

Junior Company 62C “D”Squad

Sgt Palethorpe Parachute Regt

With thanks to Peter (Joe) Allen for the “D” Squad photo and names and to Dave (Arthur) Eyers for filling in the missing names.


Rear Row - Dick Drummond, Danny Parsons, Graham Busby, Pim Meaning, Clemenson, Fred Emery,

Mac Machin, Dale Hamilton, Jock Williamson, Jazz McDonald, Mick Reeves.

Middle Row - Pete (Dad) Small, Simon Button, Bob Roberts (deceased) Peter (Joe) Allen, Alan Russell, Len Cavanagh, Alan Atkinson, Alan Tye, Peter (Geordie) Hayter, Noel (Paddy) Parker,  Dave (Arthur) Eyers, Bob Price

Front Row - Terry Livingstone, Nick Varadinek, (Bugs) Bower, Derek Dawe, A/T L/Cpl Chris (Rambling) Rhodes, A/T Cpl Jim Bogg, Sgt Percy Palethorpe Parachute Regt, A/T L/Cpl Ben Bentley, A/T L/Cpl Ginge Freeman, A/T L/Cpl (Henry) Cooper, Les Jones, Willie Watson, Barry Ainsworth.

11/02/12 Thanks to Graham Bushby for filling in some gaps & correcting some errors

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Junior Company block July 2004

With Thanks to John Clay for this photo of  Junior Company “A” Squad


Rear Row - Andy Isles, Colin Falla, Jim Lyons, John Cardal, Taff Isgrove, Pete Ballard, Gardener, John Clay, Buddy Langford, Spike Nesbit.


Centre Row - Graham Holdstock, Terry Houghton, Terry Boast, ?, Alan Wells, Bob Skinner, Ben Cassey, Frank Hills, Peter Neale, Joe Roberts, Clive Rodgers.


Front Row - Apples Orchard, Titch Kerr, Titch Heath, Arthur Jennings, A/T L/Cpl Shaun leighton, A/T Cpl Hugh Collins, Sgt (Spike) Healy R.A., A/T L/Cpl  Pringle Turnbull, Chris Chivers, ?, Gerry Mitchell, Jess Jacobs.


Any clues to the missing names of errors please forward to Mail:

Junior Company 62C “A” Squad December  1962

With thanks to Brian Hawkins for this archive photo of “B” Squad and for the further assistance of Pete Lainson & Carl Powell for digging into the memory banks to come up with names


Rear Row - Connelly, Artemiou, Stu Richards, Pete Selley, Paul Richbell, Wagstaff, Stu Wright, Bob Henn, Philpot, Brian Hawkins, Davey Stewart, Hart.


Middle Row - Gollidge, Dave Lister, Paul Simms, Tony Heffernan, Patterson, Vic Antenbringe, John (Smudge) Smith, Paddy Diver, Mick Hales, Tom (Jock) Gray, Terry O’Sullivan,


Front Row - Peter Lainson, Pete Sandles, Ray (Angus) Gibbens, A/T L/Cpl Len Minns, A/T L/Cpl Collett, Sgt Potter, A/T Cpl John Mconville, A/T L/Cpl Bob Merry, Mel Clarke, Jock Foster, Sid Freeth, Dave Yeomans.


Carl Powell absent from photo due to having sustained a broken arm


Please let me know if you think there are any errors. Mail:

Junior Company 62C “C” Squad December 1962

Sgt Pittendreigh REME

Junior Company 62C “B” Squad December 1962

Sgt Potter